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Being a leader may or may not come naturally to you. Whether you are a natural or reluctant leader, you can always make improvements to your leadership style. Being an effective leader is important in achieving whatever vision you are working towards. Here are three keys to being a successful leader.

Good Interpersonal Skills

People like to work with leaders who have good interpersonal skills. Without good interpersonal skills, people will have a hard time following you. Practice active listening so that people feel heard. Try to have empathy so you can understand how other people see approaches to projects and situations. Learn how to effectively communicate and negotiate with others so that projects can get done well and on time. If you do not feel like your interpersonal skills are up to par, you can work on improving these skills.

Sharp Analytical Skills

Critical thinking and strategic planning are invaluable leadership skills. As a leader, you will encounter several problems as you complete projects that your team will look to you to solve. This is where using sharp analytical skills is important. Being able to use critical thinking skills in difficult situations will help you and your team arrive at your desired outcomes. You can work on improving these skills by thinking ahead, asking questions, being observant, and considering all possible outcomes of decisions you make.

Appropriate Delegation

It is easy to want to do everything yourself. You may think you can do it faster and better yourself than if someone else did it for you. However, this pattern of thinking will only lead to stress for you and dissatisfaction for your team. Delegation is a critical leadership skill, yet it is underutilized. It may take time to train a team member to perform a task, but once you do, you free yourself up to perform the tasks that only you can do. Figure out what tasks you can delegate, and invest the time necessary to teach others to do them well. Not only will you be less stressed, but your team will be more satisfied because their skills are being well-utilized.

Great leaders have great interpersonal skills, they can use critical thinking to find solutions to problems and they are able to delegate tasks effectively. As you grow as a leader, work on building these skills so that you and your team can reach a new level of productivity and efficiency.

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