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Sales meetings don’t have to be a waste of time or effort. They can actually be productive, insightful meetings that lead to a stronger and smarter sales time. Below, you can find 4 secrets to running a successful sales meeting.

Control the Setting

The first secret to a successful sales meeting is controlling the setting that the meeting is taking place in. You want to ensure that the size of the space matches the number of reps on the team. Things to consider is having the right amount of chair, table space, and other extras, including water, snacks, and power outlets. Depending on the size of your team, a meeting room or conference room may not be enough. Also, you will want to make sure that any technology you need is functional and easy to use.

Get Specific

The other key to a successful sales meeting is getting specific. You don’t want to be talking about a hundred different things during the meeting. For one, you won’t be able to cover those things in-depth or with care, which will mean the meeting could be a waste. Instead, try focusing on specific issues or concerns in a limited manner. You’ll also want to address the specific in the wider sense. Don’t waste time talking about something that relates to only one person in the meeting. It’s best to cover specific items or topics that the entire group will find useful.

Keep it Under One Hour

The last thing you want to know is holding a long meeting where your sales team starts zoning out. It’s been shown that our attention begins to wander around 30 minutes, and at the 45-minute mark, almost no one is paying attention. Maximizing your time and your team’s attention span is one key to success. Plan out your agenda ahead of time so that you are able to concisely present information within that one-hour time frame. You can even share that agenda beforehand so that you’re ahead of the game.

Open the Discussion

Last, be sure to open up the discussion. This way, your sales team can share any concerns about problems they have, and they can get advice that the whole team can use. Opening the discussion can also lead to new insights as well. You will also create a collaborative environment where your team feels like their opinions and input are valuable.

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