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It used to be that a sales agent spent most of their time in an office talking on the phone with limited data to work with and trying to build leads through cold calling. But today, you have so many new tools and methods that you can use to make sales pitches and close deals better than ever before. A sales team can do so many things besides going through long call lists just hoping to get one lead each day.

With the growing use of automated technology and artificial intelligence in sales software and systems, some people might wonder if sales agents themselves will soon be out of work. The good news is that machines and software will never eliminate the need for human interaction in sales, and sales software is designed to make salespeople more effective, not obsolete. Here are four ways that technology has changed sales.

You’re No Longer Tied to a Desk

One of the greatest benefits for sales teams that new software has brought is the ability to work in many different locations and still be able to collaborate. When data needs to be shared or meetings held, there’s collaborative software that can keep sales managers and their teams on the same page.

As Balance Careers reports, using virtual software can actually lead to better production from a sales team because they may work better if they’re given more independence and allowed to work in more comfortable surroundings. Some sales managers may need to change the way that they hire so that they know they’re working with fully self-motivated people, but more and more companies are seeing the benefits of having remote office technology.


It’s Easier to Hone in on Prospects With CRM Software

More and more, customer relationship management (CRM) software is becoming a must-have for corporate sales teams, and it’s starting to become more widely developed and marketed by software vendors everywhere. When CRM software first became a phenomenon, it was mostly big businesses that bought into it due to its high cost. But because it’s become a hot new market and is now also offered on cloud platforms, the price has become much more affordable for even small and mid-sized businesses.

In 2019, about 68 percent of all CRM software will run on the cloud. What’s also changing is that CRM software is starting to become more simplified so that the learning curve for salespeople to catch onto it won’t be nearly as steep, although there still will be training involved. Artificial intelligence (AI) is also being used in many new CRM platforms so that the data and numbers already gathered can be more useful to sales teams. In fact, Sales Rabbit recommends that you connect your CRM to Facebook and Google to run “retargeting” ads.


Mobile Financial Services

The method of making payments on prducts or services has become more digital as people carry their “wallets” on their phones and with just a swipe of their phone screen against a reader at a cash register, they are able to make a payment within seconds and continue on their way. Technology for businesses has had to evolve to keep up.

Now, with the help of mobile financial services, businesses are able to send personal text reminders along with secure invoices directly to customers’ phones. Customers can make payments through the text reminders without having to visit the business website and hunt for the payment tab. Businesses get paid faster with this innovative technology and they cut the cost of their overhead for their billing department.


Enhanced Interaction Through Chat Tools and Social Media

Social media and online chat platforms are not just information hubs. Customers are more likely to engage when they’re online looking at Facebook, checking Twitter or on their smartphones interacting with apps. Sales agents now have the opportunity to meet customers when and where they feel most comfortable.


In conclusion, it’s not likely that data analytics and AI in sales software are going to do away with sales jobs, but technology is expected to change the sales process. Managers will delegate new tasks and change some of their strategies for building leads, but sales goals and the ways to win people over will very much stay the same.

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