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When it comes to selling vehicles, your showroom is essential. It helps customers form a first impression of you. It can be the difference between getting a sale and getting a lost deal. Therefore, use the following tips to make your showroom as great as possible:


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One of the first things people will notice when they walk into your dealership is your furniture. This can range from the counters, to the chairs, to professional workbenches. If they are dingy and old, it will not leave a great image in the mind of the customer. So invest in the best you can get and show it off proudly.

Lighting and Windows

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Natural light is a big booster of sales. It improves people’s’ moods and makes your company look more inviting. You want customers to be as comfortable as possible from the moment they set foot in your store.

Shine Up the Merchandise

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The showroom floor is going to have a lot of shiny items in it. This can include the cars themselves of course, but it also extends to lights, lamps, counters, and floors. Think about jewelry stores, there’s a reason why they have that type of lighting. They want the metal and gemstones to shine! Make sure all the items in your store are polished and clean or you could leave the wrong idea of your brand.

Refreshments and Relaxation

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People shopping at your dealership might have already been to various other locations that day. They could be thirsty, tired, hungry, or simply out of patience. Calm them down and lift their spirits with some free coffee, bagels, water, popcorn, soda, and more. Some dealerships are getting very creative by including pool and foosball tables, arcade cabinets and more to entertain guests and customers while they wait. Don’t worry about the cost of these items. What you lose in expenses you will gain in trust, comfort, and sales.

Have Neutral Entertainment

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Don’t have a tv blasting political news in your showroom. Your employees might lean a certain way on the spectrum, but you don’t want to offend potential customers. Think of like this: are you willing to push away half of your market and thus half of your potential revenue? Of course not. So as much as your salespeople might beg you to put on their favorite pundit, remind them that their paychecks will be less if they insist on putting themselves before the customer’s attitude and happiness. You also don’t want to have just any channel on because there’s a good chance that while your customer is waiting on their service and watching the TV that one of your competitors will come up on their screen. There are now several options for customizable television content to only show what you want to show and so your competition isn’t taking your customers from underneath you.

If you want to have your dealership stand out, a great showroom is a brilliant way to go. It can really make you seem more professional and friendly. So don’t miss out on that next purchase. Help your customers make a great decision with a workbench that really shows them the kind of company you are.

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