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Reaching today’s car shopper can be a struggle. The internet plays a huge part in how potential car buyers locate the vehicles they are interested in. Even though they are finding dealerships through the internet, there is little communication between the shopper and the dealership before a purchase is made. If you are trying to reach car shoppers during their hunt, there are several ways to do so. You can learn about ways to approach potential buyers through Rockstar Automotive events.

Dealer Teamwork

One of the sessions you can attend at a Rockstar Automotive event is Digital Trust & 6 1/2 Reasons Why Your Agency Won’t Talk about Zero-Click Searches. This event discusses the ease of finding information and the expected transparency of today’s automotive market. In today’s digital era, it is easier and faster to find information than ever before. Today’s car buyer is able to learn about vehicles that are on the market with the simple click of a mouse. If you want to help car shoppers shop with your dealership, you can gain a lot from this session. During the session, James Klaus of Dealer Teamwork will cover why most agencies won’t talk about zero-click search and what you can do about it. He will also cover how to win through digital trust and why it’s vital to long-term success, as well as quick ways to lower your cost per lead without raising your budget.

James Klaus has over 15 years of experience in retail automotive. His start was untraditional. He was selling office supplies when he entered a local Subaru, Audi, Volkswagen dealership to sell supplies to the general manager. He upsold the general manager and was offered a job on the spot. Since then, James Klaus has worked as a salesperson, desk manager, sales manager, internet manager, finance manager, and commerce director. His knowledge of the automotive market and how to sell to customers is vast.

If you are interested in this session, get your tickets for a Rockstar Automotive event in a town near you. Rockstar Automotive will be in Austin on September 9, Seattle on October 7, and Las Vegas on November 4 and 5.

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