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Four Steps to Creating Your Attractive Character

Have you ever noticed that all these successful internet gurus have some sort of thing going on that attracts everyone to them? Some may be physically attractive but, not many of them. And what’s more, most of the good ones have some sort of redeeming quality that makes people think: “Wow…I wish I was like that guy/girl!”

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What we’re going to talk about today is how you can do the same thing they’re doing and create a type of attraction that makes your audience wish that THEY could be like YOU!. Here’s what we’re going to do do…

#1 – Let’s share some attractive things going on in your life!. Sure, not everything is perfect, but there is always something that you have that other people would look at and say: I wish I had that in my life!

We all have something that others are attracted to, you just have to find your thing. For example, Billy Gene Marketing shows off fancy cars and does crazy fun music video commercials. Network marketing folks like to show off the big check from their downline. For people like Frank Kern it’s that lifestyle of working from the beach and for Grant Cardone it’s the private jet, the Rolls Royce and the ‘do what I want’ lifestyle!.

Here’s my point: it really doesn’t matter what you don’t have…you just have to find something cool that people will associate with you and viola!. Find one symbol of amazingness and show it to people. This will become part of your “image” and that’s going to be important when you’re building your attractive character.

#2 – You need to show people that you are an AUTHORITY. Face it, nobody wants to listen to someone that they think is clueless.

This is why you MUST position yourself as an authority in your chosen niche. I’m not recommending you pretend to be the ultimate authority above all else.

I’m saying…show them that you know what you’re talking about. This means you have to keep learning so you CAN be an authority, then you have to practice sharing what you know until finally you ARE the master of your niche. Once you have that certainty built up…that confidence…it’s time to show that to your audience!.

Of course you’re not going to wake up feeling 100% certain and totally rich…but that’s ok. Most businesses aren’t successful until after 2-3 years of hard work and if you’re not willing to put in the work…you shouldn’t be in business anyway. So buckle down and be ready for some hard work my friend because it takes some sweat to become a superstar!.

#3 – STAND FOR SOMETHING. When you talk to people, stop being neutral…it’s annoying AF and everyone can see you’re pandering!

Pick a side you’re passionate about and embrace it fully. Neutral is boring, and lame, and frankly nobody likes someone who is wishy washy. You don’t have to be right all the time. Making mistakes is how we learn but being a boring and neutral is a recipe for failure.

Here’s the point: Don’t say anything unless the situation is made better by what you’re saying. If you aren’t sure whether or not you should say something…you probably shouldn’t say it. Speak, write, blog, vlog…do it all FROM YOUR HEART…and everything else will fall into place.

#4 DON’T FEAR CONTROVERSY. Be confident and understand that while you’ll be building an audience of people who love you….

…you’re going to build an audience that doesn’t. Think about all the successful people you know. I mean the WILDLY successful ones. Mark Cuban, Sir Richard Branson, Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cardone… Even the smiling, mock turtle neck wearing Steve Jobs…all of them have a great following…and all of them have a large audience of haters. Very few people are indifferent to them and guess what…they don’t mind it.

When you say something, speak up and say it with the confidence that it deserves!. Confidence is like a powerful magnet that draws people to you.

There is your four step road map for building an attractive character and beginning your journey to build a powerful following!. Think about your favorite celebrities or gurus and compare these FOUR STEPS to building an attractive character to the traits you see in them. My guess is…you’re going to find a lot of similarities!

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