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Rockstar Automotive Events is excited to have Bobbie Herron joining us in Nashville on July 15, 2019 for our “Future of Auto Retail” event. Bobbie represents The Bees Knees Automotive Agency which is a marketing, training, and consulting agency. Bees Knees can show you how to sell more automobiles, make more profits, and choose smarter investment decisions. The Bees Knees Automotive Agency can help you with:

Bobbie Herron Speaking at Event

  • CRM selection and customization
  • ROI
  • Digital marketing
  • Employee retention
  • Effective sales
  • Recruiting
  • Culture change
  • Management and leadership training
  • Sales increases and effectiveness
  • And much more!

Bobbie Herron will focus on “How to stop treating your customers like a one-night stand”.

Her seminar will help you:

  • Turn more leads into appointments
  • Then turn those appointments into sales
  • Improve customer retention
  • Increase ROI — Less is NOT more!
  • Marry your customer for life — or, put a ring on the relationship

If your customer interaction is like a one-night stand, a typically brief encounter which results in two people not seeing each other again, then you need to re-think how you get and retain your customers. Bobbie can show you how to retain your customers and crush your competition with a simple mindset change. Plus it costs almost nothing! You need to make a total commitment to customer service excellence and put the work in to make it happen. Come to our Nashville event and let Bobbie Herron energize you to change your customers from feeling like a one-night stand to planning their wedding with you.

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