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The Rockstar Auto Conference is quickly approaching. This conference will be packed with informative and entertaining events. Included in these events are Rockstar Round Table Sessions. Read on to learn more about these sessions, which you don’t want to miss out on.

The first Rockstar Round Table Session is Crush the Classifieds – The Commercial Search Terms are Known. This round table will be hosted by Christian Jorn, President of Remora. This round table discussion will go in-depth discussing your individual market and the important adjustments you can make to enjoy great value.

Next is the Changing Culture with Personal Branding roundtable hosted by El Patronn, a Managing Partner and CEO. During this round table, El Patronn will discuss how personal branding allowed for a significant social media following and increase in sales. This round table will also talk about negotiation skills, maximizing profits, and adapting to the digital age.

The Let’s Talk Video: Content, Technology, and Strategy round table will be hosted by Tim James. During this event, an open discussion will take place related to video marketing strategy. Individuals are encouraged to ask questions and voice their concerns related to video marketing during this round table.

Devin Rouff is hosting the Digital Marketing & Multicultural Strategies – The RIGHT Way! rockstar session during this auto conference. Rouff is the VP of Business Development at DigiSphere Marketing. During this session, attendees can learn about coordinating marketing efforts, bringing attention to detail back into marketing, and using focused strategies to target your demographic.

The final two rockstar sessions are Rockstar Recruiting, one of which is hosted by Joe Lockerd, Operations Director and a Minority Owner of AutoMax Recruiting and Training, and the other hosted by Anthony Santangelo of AutoMax Recruiting.

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