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The auto sales industry never remains the same. There are always new vehicles that need to be moved and old inventory that needs to be liquidated. However, working in sales is very competitive and unpredictable, especially in this industry! You are continually pushing yourself past your selling limits. Here are several ways to prevent the burnout that comes with the job.


Set Realistic Goals

Too many salespeople push themselves to the breaking point. They break down mentally and emotionally without achieving the goals that they want. This is mostly caused when you work yourself too long and too hard to complete a project. The solution is to work smarter and not harder. Set goals that are realistic to your selling skills and personal abilities.



When you sell, you don’t always make profits. For many salespeople, their livelihoods are directly tied into their commissions. They worry about making profits, retaining leads and beating competitors. Relax more by focusing less on selling. Practice relaxation techniques to stay calm and clear your mind. Engage in quiet, at-home activities far away from the office. According to doTERRA, relaxation can be enhanced in any environment with alpine spikenard or other fragrances designed to put the mind at ease.


Work on Your Pitch

When you don’t make a sale, it’s easy to blame the product. You assume that it’s made of low quality or priced too high. As a salesperson, it’s important to consider the quality of the pitch, as well.

Make your sales message effective yet brief. Focus on the core emotional experience. You’re not selling a car; you’re selling a unique driving experience that you can’t get any other way. A pitch is like a press release – it’s supposed to be concise and persuasive. Reduce the wordiness that loses people’s attention and write more about the benefits of the product. Listen to what Mark Cuban says about sales pitches.


Reflect on Past Accomplishments

A burnout makes you doubt your future abilities as a seller. At your lowest point, make a complete list of your sales and accomplishments. Being in sales is not just about counting up numbers. Also, include a list of clients who you have served and helped over the years. Have this list serve as a reminder that the burnout is temporary.


Learn From the Best

Go-getter reps get fired up when they invest in themselves, and the highest ROI investment you can make in yourself is made by learning from the best in the business. This is why we put together the Rockstar auto conference – specifically to help salespeople recharge and improve. Don’t miss an opportunity to become the best that you can be!


Every salesperson wants to make the perfect presentation and get every other person to become a buyer. At some point, if you work hard every day, you will feel a burnout that comes on slowly or appears suddenly. It’s vital that you stay on top of your selling game and prevent a burnout from taking your seller’s confidence.

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