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Car salespeople know that one of the most difficult barriers to overcome is car sales objections. If you want tips on how to close tricky deals, you can receive this information in the following blog post. For a more in-depth understanding, you may also want to research Kendrick Shope, who is also a speaker at the Rockstar Auto Conference!

Car sales objections are common. Many car salespeople know the situation where a potential buyer examines the inventory and picks a vehicle of interest, only to need to “think about it,” rather than closing the deal. The first step in handling this objection is to react positively. Prepare yourself for these situations before they even happen, because they happen often. When you are faced with the objection, be sure to smile and let the customer know that their objection isn’t a negative thing. Also, repeat their objection back to them, but add a positive spin. For example, you could say, “I’m glad you want to think about this decision, it shows that you are serious about the car buying process.”

After you respond to their objection, make sure to bring yourself to their level. Be as empathetic as possible. Purchasing a car is a significant investment and many car buyers will be hesitant to make their purchase. To show your empathy, consider telling them a story related to a car buying process you’ve gone through, or a story about a loved one who purchased a car.

Next, reveal the underlying issue. Use the story you just told as a way to segway into the reason why a car buyer may be reluctant to go through with a purchase. Ask open-ended questions to determine why your buyer isn’t ready to make a purchase. Listen to what they have to say and empathize with their reasoning.

If your buyer feels the pricing of a vehicle is too high, or they’re worried about monthly payments, let them know that you are willing to negotiate and that you can get them a great deal on a vehicle. If you can get the customer to agree with you, you may be able to work through their objection. Provide a solution to your customer, and, if need be, call in for back up from a fellow salesperson or manager.

These tips can help you work through an objection and close more sales. For even more advice on this topic, consider participating in Kendrick Shope’s speech at the Rockstar Auto Conference on May 13th. Learn more about Kendrick by visiting her website at She has some great tips on selling and coaching opportunities as well! To get your tickets for our FREE event, call 269-775-0002 or visit our website today!

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