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Buying a car is not always a fun process. In fact, many customers come to the dealership a little uptight, and scared to talk to your salespeople. As a savvy car dealer, you can offer some elements at your dealership that will make the experience more enjoyable and of a higher-quality for those customers, however. Here are some ways to improve your dealership and make visitor’s experiences that much better.

Invest in Visual Elements

The visual elements are a huge part of an auto shopper’s experience. Start here if you want to make their experiences amazing. Make small changes like painting the insides of the building in lively shades. You can put a rare car on the showroom floor to garner attention, too. Additionally, do something childishly fun and add some balloons to the scene. Balloons make customers feel like they’re celebrating something. In a sense, they are. They’re celebrating the opportunity to purchase a spectacular vehicle from your lot.


Hold a Raffle or Contest

Another way you can improve your customers’ experience is by giving them the opportunity to win something. There’s nothing like a good raffle to lift their spirits. You can have customers sign up for the raffle when they first come in complete with their contact information, and then pull a lucky winner out of the box at the end of the day. You’ll have a way to gather new customers as well as be able to help them feel rewarded just for coming to your dealership.


Keep It Safe

Safety should always be a concern at a public place such as a car dealership. You can improve the experience that your customers have by offering them some practical protection like security cameras to keep an eye on them and their belongings when they spend time at your lot. Dealership insurance can protect you and your customers. It will give you the peace of mind that if something happens to one of the clients, your insurance will pay for their care. The insurance can protect you from a variety of situations. Ask for a quote and consider investing in it to boost the quality of your clients’ trips.


Offer Special Promotions

Finally, you can improve your customers’ experience drastically by offering special promotions that are exclusive to people who take the time to come in. That tactic will get you more visitors, and it will increase the likelihood that you will sell a vehicle. All consumers appreciate a deal. Dealers and promotions make them feel special like the dealership appreciates them enough to help them achieve car ownership.


Those are just a few suggestions for enhancing your clients’ experience when they come to your dealership. You’ll think of even more creative tactics once you try some of these. Talk with sponsors and get involved in the local community for even more ideas.

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