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James Klaus

Dealer Teamwork

Session Information

Digital Trust & the 6½ Reasons Why Your Agency Won’t Talk about Zero-Click Searches

Reaching modern car shoppers has become more difficult than ever — people want answers immediately at their fingertips. Gone are the days of relying solely or heavily on traditional marketing because the car buyer of 2019 has higher expectations of transparency, ease of finding information and speed of getting that information. So this means that dealers need to make it easy for car buyers to research, shop and ultimately buy the vehicle from your dealership. In this session dealers will learn actionable insights on:

  1. Why most agencies won’t talk about zero click search and what you can do about it
  2. How to win through Digital Trust and why it’s vital to long-term success
  3. A quick way to lower your cost per lead without raising your budget

All of these key concepts will help dealers better reach the modern car shopper with relevant messages served at the right time in the way that shoppers want to receive those messages. Selling more cars in the modern landscape starts here!


Company Info

Dealer Teamwork is a Minnesota-based Software as a Service and digital marketing company. They are the inventor of the patented MPOP® — a Merchandising, Personalization & Optimization Platform. This platform helps car dealers merchandise vehicle and service offers for their website, search engines, social media and email campaigns.

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