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Katie Mares is a Certified Speaking Professional who inspires audiences all over the world with her talks on how to look differently at customer service and leadership. Her talks are about changing behaviors to provide positive experiences for both customers and dealership associates.

There are things management needs to teach their employees to give them tools for a positive customer experience. Five-Star customer experience isn’t about spending lots of money on customers or employees or providing luxury services. It’s about providing a positive experience to everyone who passes through your dealership doors or calls on the phone. Here are five ways Katie says management can inspire their employees by using these techniques to provide a five-star experience:

Happy Car Shopper Customer

  • Use a positive and friendly tone of voice — How employees speak with customers will quickly make them decide if their customer experience will be positive, especially when talking on the phone. If they maintain a positive and friendly attitude it will go a long way to gaining a loyal customer. Some practice this by smiling while talking on the phone; surprisingly customers can tell if someone is smiling or not simply by their tone.
  • Use a person’s name in conversation — This can be difficult to do for many employees who don’t practice it. They can’t be expected to know a customer’s name the minute they meet, but once introduced it is important to remember their name and use it during the conversation. Using someone’s name shows interest in them and personalizes the conversation. Have your employees practice this and use the technique.
  • Show interest in the customer’s needs — If employees are talking more than listening, then they aren’t truly engaged with a customer. The old “80/20” rule applies by letting the customer do most of the talking while the employee’s 20% contribution should be questions that show genuine interest in the customer and their needs.
  • Anticipate their needs — Customers don’t want to feel they are doing all the work to get their needs met. Your employees need to anticipate what the customer wants from the conversation. It’s also important to remember a customer’s preferences as the conversation progresses; employees can write down key items during the conversation. This will also show they are interested in what the customer is telling them.
  • Know more than the customer about products and services — Employees must be knowledgeable about the offering they are selling, not just the bare minimum of details. You will quickly lose a customer who recognizes they know more about your offering than your staff. Give employees the mandate and the time to really learn about what you are selling, then they can be more successful in leading customers to other services.

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