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Keith Shetterly


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Clicks KILL Car Sales: Humans Are The Future of Automotive Advertising

Today, as always and in the future, the car buyer is human. However, automotive advertising has moved to spending over half the total dealer ad budget on digital channels to try and reach humans–to the tune of over $5 billion in 2017 and 2018 , doubling from 2015’s spend. And yet dealers overall find little to no competitive advantage to the click channel. OEMs have flattened digital differentiation, and hundreds of digital vendors vie for the ad dollars with few competitive wins for individual dealers.

Humans aren’t responding to search marketing and display marketing at the dealer level for sales. And they won’t. Why? Because search and display aren’t  convenient shopping methods for consumers. It’s hard to believe, but clicks can actually kill car sales: It’s more valuable for a pay-per-click vendor to get a click for themselves than to get a sale for you, and they control it all. The best answer is to advertise to humans where the humans, now and in the future. How?

Social media (and e-tailing efforts like Carvana) show, more and more, that the consumer convenience of shopping AND buying via a smartphone is more and more effective. And the success of other human-advertising channels, like OTT (Over-The-Top, or commercials on top of free movies and shows), clearly demonstrate great new ways to leave the toxic click behind.

There’s more, lots more, coming in the years ahead.

Remember: Clicks Don’t Buy Cars, HUMANS Do. Now, AND in the future!

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Keith Shetterly, aka “The Bullcutter”, is currently a partner at and CEO/Founder of the infamous As The Bullcutter, Keith focused on successfully digging through the digital advertising contents and spend of hundreds of dealers for several years, helping dealers focus their ad dollars on what worked for dealer sales rather than what worked for the digital advertising vendors’ pockets. He has saved dealers hundreds of thousands of dollars in ending worthless click-chasing ad spend–and now Keith brings that expertise to Turn UP The Sales, where the advertising focus is not on getting clicks to websites but instead on delivering HUMANS to showroom floors.

In his earlier career in automotive, Keith was Vice President of a CRM Company, built a sales and service call center business into profitability in less than four months, and is formerly a retail eCommerce & Internet Director for a Houston auto group and a sales/CRM/BDC process consultant under his banner. Keith worked for years to “Cut The BULL Out Of The Click!” in digital advertising for dealers, and is a published author in Wards Automotive and elsewhere.

Prior to automotive, Keith holds a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering and was in sales, marketing, and engineering for Microsoft, Compaq, and IBM. Keith even worked a few NASA contracts, and he likes to joke that he IS the “rocket scientist” that everybody says it doesn’t take! 🙂

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Company Information

Turn UP The SALES™ was formed in 2019 to focus automotive retail advertising products on generating human floor traffic that can actually buy vehicles, instead of the expensive and murky website traffic of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) clicks, email “click-thrus”, totally useless display ads and “click bait” clicks, etc.: Because clicks don’t buy cars, customers do!

Turn UP The SALES™ has partnered with Keith Shetterly (aka “The Bullcutter” of who has years of automotive retail, consulting, process, and digital advertising audit experience. Why? Because we both believe that the modern answer for automotive retail AND for shoppers involves HUMANS, not clicks. Our Turn UP The SALES™ advertising focuses where the HUMANS are (not clicks), in a place and time where they WANT to buy a vehicle from you.  Customers there are quickly and naturally opt-in for text, email, and calls from your dealership, and are easily set up to visit your showroom directly.

You can get a true sales lift for your month, rather than a “click lift” for your website traffic.

So, where is this place? Where are these humans? They are on Social Media, right where Turn UP The SALES™ advertises for you–not to get useless “likes” and such–but to yield actual human lead generation and social sales events for floor traffic. Why does this work? It’s easy to see once you compare it with Google: Expensive paid search (PPC) is only “natively click”, where any clear association between these paid clicks and your sales is always hard to nail down (no matter what any vendor tells you). And many paid clicks are not humans, or sometimes human but not interested in your dealership at all: more ineptness and waste, and no clear competitive advantage for your monthly sales.

However, Social Media is exactly “natively HUMAN”, and Turn UP The SALES™ focuses on real people that want to buy a car from YOU! Generating human buyers with Turn UP The SALES™ means the association between a customer shopping and an eventual sale to that customer is clear and without question. You never have to guess, you’ll know what you spent to get the sales, and you get to talk to and welcome humans to your sales floor that can give you a true sales lift this month–and that’s why we’re called Turn UP The SALES.

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