Rockstar Conference

Rockstar Event Las Vegas October 2018

Rockstar Auto Conference Above the Noise Tour 2018 All Keynote Event
The D Hotel and Casino, 301 Fremont St,Las Vegas,NV-89101
The Rockstar Auto Conference Above the Noise Tour was an All Keynote Event with 15 Keynote Speakers delivering life changing messages on Leadership, Sales, Marketing, Training, SEO, and Communication strategies that will improve your business. We hope you enjoy these sessions and join us in person at the next Rockstar Conference Event. You can get tickets and learn more at

Video 1: Welcome From Our Emcee Frank J Lopes

Frank J Lopes was the emcee at the Rockstar Auto Conference May 14-15, 2018 In Las Vegas. In this video Frank takes a few moments to help get the audience ready for the information they're about to learn.

Video 2: Attracting Customers Keynote by Mat Koenig

In this Rockstar Session Mat helps the audience learn why chasing customers isn't the best way tot get business and teaches the audience how to actually use video online to attract customers!

Video 3: Where'd the Aliens Park My Car Keynote by Terry Lancaster

In this powerful message Terry Lancaster helps the audience understand the power of transformation in our lives and how everyone can change for the better.

Video 4: Why Should I Buy From You Keynote by Frank J Lopes

With today's competitive pricing often times we lose sight of the true reason people are buying. In this session Frank Lopes helps the audience understand the power of the "why buy".

Video 5: What is it You're Most Passionate About Keynote by Timmy James

Timmy James the COO of Flick Fusion delivers a passionate message about being the best version of yourself in every aspect of your life.

Video 6: M.O.R.R. Keynote by Sean Kelley

In this Rockstar Keynote the #CarBizCoach Sean Kelley helps the audience learn how to get M.O.R.R. out of their business. Motivation Onboarding Recruiting Retention

Video 7: Redefining the Sales Mentality Keynote by Sean Welsh

Sean Welsh brings a fiery message about why Salespeople are the Most Important part of any business and how to prevent the robots from taking over.

Video 8: Getting the Tools You Need to Succeed

At the Rockstar Auto Conference we partner with the best companies in the industry to make sure our attendees have access to the latest products at the best rates. In this brief video you'll see each of our partner companies deliver their message in under 7 minutes. Learn about the best video platforms, communications tools, recruiting, hiring and review products available today.

Video 9: The Decision maker Keynote by Katie Mares

In this powerful keynote, Katie Mares brings enlightenment to the audience about working with female buyers and helps us understand the power of their influence!

Video 10: Passion for Building a BDC Keynote by Joshua Thomas Mitchell

In this Rockstar presentation Josh Mitchell shares his story of taking the BDC at his former store in Paris, KY from average to nationally known!

Video 11: Design Your Success Through Balanced Leadership Keynote by Rocky Romanella

Rocky Romanella delivers an engaging message about how Balanced Leadership and understanding your audience is critical to the success of your business.

Video 12: Going Above and Beyond to Create the Life You Want Keynote by Anthony Alagona

Anthony Alagona shares a very moving story of his struggles in life and learning a new industry so that he could go All In on himself to be able to provide his family with a great life.

Video 13: Getting Your Hands Dirty With Paid Search Keynote by Chris Hill

In this information packed Keynote presentation, Chris Hill from Overtake Digital will show you how to get success with Google and other paid search and social media sources.

Video 14: Building Success That Lasts Keynote by AskAMillionaire Founder Shawn Thomas

Sean Thomas is the ultimate entrepreneur and he explains how his success actions can help anyone improve their sales and profitability to create a successful business that lasts.

Video 15: Authentic Selling Keynote by Kendrick Shope

As sure as her hair is red Kendrick Shope will bring you on a journey through emotional highs with her powerful Keynote at the Rockstar Auto Conference. Learn why she says Doing common things in an uncommon way is the key to success.

Video 16: Art of the Big Sell Keynote by Lisa Copeland

Closing out the Rockstar Auto Conference in Las Vegas, Lisa Copeland delivers a powerful message about the Art of the Big Sell. Her message will cause you to evaluate your purpose and your mission for serving others.