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Mat Koenig

Co-Founder of Rockstar Events

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S.E.L.L.: Changing the Game Forever

The world is changing, are you changing with it? Are you prepared for selling in an age of new technology? Have you been able to adapt, adjust, course correct, as needed to make sure your sales and profit grow year over year? Are you worried that online shopping will make your dealership obsolete? These are the concerns that most automotive dealers are struggling with but I have a secret to tell you: there is one word that can help you overcome every fear, every concern, help you build an income that’s greater than you’ve ever experienced and change the game forever. Not only that, you can create the life you and your team deserve by learning a new way to SELL.


Best Selling Author, Keynote Speaker and Business Strategist
“No matter where you’re at…you’re just one moment away.” – Mat Koenig

Growing up in poverty, Mat didn’t have access to financial resources or formal business education so he learned to harness the power of effective communication in a way that paid off in the form of life changing mentorships from some of the worlds best known business moguls.  In a world focused on automation Mat Koenig has used his communication and relationship building expertise to help companies like and increase sales and profit exponentially. We all have a story to tell and Mat Koenig delivers the tools that leaders need to share their story in a way that causes people to take action!

In his best selling book S.E.L.L.: Changing the Game Forever, Mat challenges leaders with a four step roadmap to success beginning with adopting a servant mentality and ending with love as the guiding principle for everything we do.  Mat has spent more than twenty-five years building successful sales and marketing strategies for companies large and small. His exciting presentations take people on an emotional roller coaster ride helping audiences realize that it only takes one moment for everything in their lives to change.  Mat believes that once people are able to differentiate between the moments that matter, and those that don’t, they can create radical, positive change in their communities, careers and personal lives that will ultimately deliver a positive impact on the entire world.

A little more about Mat…He has spent 25 Years working with Automotive Dealers and Advertisers to help ensure success in any market. In addition to being an innovator in markets like text message lead generation, video email and video SEO, Mat uses his experience to help clients put their best foot forward with online marketing, digital response, social media reach and reputation management.

Rockstar Automotive Leadership Event in Las Vegas 152 Days 17 Hours 9 Minutes 57 Seconds