Courses Overview

On this page you’ll find all of the Rockstar Club Courses that are currently available.

Rockstar Conference Live Events

This is where you can watch all of the live Rockstar Events we have had so far. From 2016 in Kalamazoo to 2018 in Las Vegas you’ll see more than 40 amazing speaker sessions in these live events!

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Rockstar Unplugged Webinars and Podcasts

These are our series where we share awesome info, interview experts in all areas of sales, leadership, marketing, social platforms, branding and more. Get a behind the scenes look at who we are, who they are, and everyone is growing their business. Plus, you’ll get some motivation in the process!

Sales Training

In these courses you’ll find various Rockstar Teachers and sales professionals sharing their favorite sales processes. We’re confident you’ll find the right process to fit your needs.

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Leadership Education

Let’s face facts: most of us got promoted into leadership roles with no formal training…or at least, very little training that was good quality. These courses will help you learn what it means to be a Rockstar Leader.

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Rockstar Sales Funnels

Wonder how the top marketers in the country like Russell Brunson, Damon John, Grant Cardone, and Tony Robbins have such massive marketing campaigns? The money is in the list and in these courses we are going to teach you how to build huge lists so you can grow your business 11X!

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Building A Rockstar Brand

Do you struggle when it comes to getting “known”? In these courses you’ll learn how to your personal brand, and strengthening your company brand.

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Email Marketing

You’ve heard people say “people don’t read emails”, but that sentence isn’t complete. People don’t read emails…if the emails suck! These courses will help you understand what you need to run successful email marketing campaigns.

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Video Email Strategies

Email marketing and video email are two different things…sort of. We feel they’re different enough that they deserve their own categories. Check out these rockstar videos on how to ROCK when it comes to using video in your email.

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Social Media Strategies

Struggling on Instagram? Having trouble figuring out Facebook Targeting? Not finding any value in Snapchat? Not sure what to do in your YouTube videos? These sessions will help you learn how to be a Rockstar on various social media sites.

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Rockstar Automotive Leadership Event in Las Vegas 152 Days 13 Hours 25 Minutes 35 Seconds