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Rockstar Conference | October 2018 | Las Vegas

This amazing 2 day event was packed with 15 life changing session.

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Rockstar Conference | August 2018 | Nashville

This one day event was our first ever 20 group style Rockstar Event. It was an intimate group of people and 6 mind blowing sessions!

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Rockstar Conference | May 2018 | Las Vegas

This two day event was held at the D Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV with an amazing group of speakers including a two time olympic champion and national championship basketball coach. Every Rockstar Event gets better and this one brought the house down!

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Rockstar Conference | November 2017 | Las Vegas

This was our first time hosting a second Rockstar Event in less than 12 months and our very first two day event.  To create a Rockstar experience we knew Las Vegas was the destination and the D Hotel & Casino was the perfect venue considering it was already dressed in the black and red Rockstar Colors. The sessions were so awesome we had to do it again in 2018.

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Rockstar Conference | March 2017 | Dallas

Our second Rockstar Conference Event rocked the house at the famous Granada Theater in Dallas, Texas. Our speakers took the stage that has been played by music legends like Willie Nelson and more! Check out this amazing Rockstar experience.

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Rockstar Conference | March 2016 | Kalamazoo

This was the very first Rockstar Auto Conference Event and it was held at the Alamo Drafthouse Theater in Kalamazoo, Michigan. This great group of speakers kicked off what is now known as the conference that changed the game in the auto industry. Our inaugural event included a special episode of the #AskGaryVee show from Gary Vaynerchuk, plus, Grant Cardone flew in on his birthday to deliver a powerful keynote and spend time with our audience.

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