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Dealership News

Dealership News

Dealership News is dedicated to those people and companies who put their best foot forward and represent themselves and the Automotive Industry in the brightest possible light, both ethically and professionally day in and day out.

Our motto is “Automotive News You Can Use”, and we have a unique way of presenting information that car dealers and vendors alike can definitely use. We have discovered that most decision makers are on social media just as much as you or I. Waiting for someone to find your website is a passive marketing approach, and one that is not strategically in tune with current behavioral realities for most Internet users.

It’s on the big 4 social media platforms, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook that we syndicate our content, ensuring that timely and pertinent information, presented in compelling and occasionally humorous fashion is seen by the industry professionals we target.

Dealership News is home to the National Dealership Standings, a kind of March Madness whereby the calendar month sales of every car dealer except for Ford dealerships are aggregated much like MLB or NFL standings and March Madness brackets. Dealership News also provides the humorous and satirical Midday Report that mixes some of the oddest footage available online with factual news and information that car dealers should find useful in their day to day practice.

Each quarter, Dealership News distributes it’s “Top Closer” Magazine to over 24,000 car dealerships highlighting the hardest working, results oriented vendors in our industry and providing readers with the latest greatest best practices in the industry. Our approach is anything but dry and old-fashioned, rather we’re cutting edge and current. Dealership News is the Automotive News you can actually use!

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