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Congratulations Katie Mares!

Katie Mares has been recognized by Dealership News as the 2018 Speaker of the Year! Rockstars who attended events in 2018 personally witnessed the fantastic Katie at work. We look forward to so much more positive influence and her next presentation with Rockstar in May 2019! Congratulations to Katie Mares in receiving this well-deserved award!

Dealership News 2018 Automotive Speaker of the Year: Katie Mares

Katie is a Certified Training and Development Professional with a Masters in Adult Training and Development and Canadian Sales Professional Designation, who seeks to inspire audiences to think differently about customer service and leadership by using self-confidence to bring positive, actionable change. Her unique approach focuses on developing the C.O.R.E. confidence and skills of team members by creating tailored standards for each organization. Katie’s experience extends from leading operation departments nationwide to inspiring front-line team members where she transforming ideas into sustainable systems and processes and brings positive and profitable changes to brands around the world. See to find out more about Katie Mares and the C.O.R.E. training experience!

Join Katie at the Spring 2019 Rockstar Un-Conference

What type of experience can you expect from the Rockstar Un-Conference? At this Event, you’re going to learn how to create a winning culture in your dealership from hiring, training, and coaching to leadership and sales development. You’ll also hear from some of the best marketers in the country on communicating your brand message and culture to the consumer. This event will help you sell more cars and make more money when you put what you learn into action.

Rockstar Automotive Leadership Event in Austin -6 Days 2 Hours 23 Minutes 43 Seconds
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