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Rockstar Round Table Sessions

Rockstar Round Table Sessions

Christian Jorn

President of Remora

Rockstar Round Table Session: Crush the Classifieds – The Commercial Search Terms are Known

We’ll get specific about your individual market and talk about important adjustments that create great value by leveraging what you already do naturally. Learn to consistently dominate the most valuable Google search terms for dealers. Search, it’s where the people are.

El Patronn

El Patronn – Managing Partner & CEO

Rockstar Session: Changing Culture with Personal Branding

Changing culture is what it is all about. I experienced a 248% increase in sales where I went from selling less than two hundred cars to almost four hundred a month. What a blessing to have quality of life and have a business working while I can spend time with my family. I want the same for you. Whether you’re a sales person, manager or owner, this session will change the way you think about what you do and why social media and being the show will allow you to write your own story of massive success.

I will share with you what I did to

  • Build the El Patronn brand and show along the way
  • How we built a huge following on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.
  • Professional sales strategies that get results
  • Which apps will drive sales and why
  • Why you need to be you to connect to your audience and create repeat customers
  • Negotiate like a pro and win relationships
  • Maximize profits across departments
  • Taking F&I, BDC, and Fixed Ops into the digital age

Tim James

Round Table: Let’s Talk Video: Content, Technology, Strategy

They are all different are each equally important to your success. This Round Table will be an open discussion regarding any questions or concerns you have to improve your video marketing strategy.

Devin Rouff

VP of Business Development,
Digisphere Marketing

Rockstar Session: Digital Marketing & Multicultural Strategies – The RIGHT Way!

Bringing back the lost art of personalization and attention to details along with a multicultural strategy!

Learn how a coordinated marketing effort can make all ships rise on your sea of marketing. The coordination of your website home page banners, your specials & Incentives pages, dedicated model pages, and unique content creation make the perfect synergy for SEM & SEO to rise together. Lower your Marketing costs with higher quality scores that arise when you take care of SEO basics that flow perfectly into SEM strategies, all powered by a centralized coordinated marketing effort that includes showcasing your most aggressive lease incentives to your customers.

While also keeping a focused strategy for the demographics of your target area. A multicultural strategy is your opportunity to get a leg up on the competition. In an already over saturated market, there are still opportunities to get ahead of the pack. With 41 Million people in the US speaking Spanish as their 1st language and another 12 million bilingual Spanish speakers, this has become a necessity in your digital strategy.

Joe Lockerd

Operations Director and a Minority Owner of AutoMax Recruiting and Training

Rockstar Session: Rockstar Recruiting

Anthony Santangelo

Operations Director and a Minority Owner of AutoMax Recruiting and Training

Rockstar Session: Rockstar Recruiting

Sean Weaver & Marni McClennan


Rockstar Session: Un-Templating Your Process: Creating a Personalized Funnel and an Unforgettable Customer Experience

Bring life back into your follow up and communication process by embracing video within your dealership. The latest studies have shown that viewers retain 95%of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10%when reading it in an email or text. These stats highlight the weaknesses within the template / text based followup process that many dealerships use today. We’ve designed a tool to help you stay a step ahead of your competition by not only allowing you to easily create your own videos, but also giving you a place to store and share them with your team members, prospects, and clients. Most importantly through, we’ve developed processes and training techniques that make it easy to create a video culture within any store to ensure that CarFilm is more than just a tool.

Bobbie Herron

The Bees Knees Automotive Agency


Rockstar Session: Convert More Opportunities Into Sales

Rockstar Automotive Leadership Event in Las Vegas 127 Days 5 Hours 53 Minutes 27 Seconds