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Kerri Wise

Kerri Wise

Kerri Wise – Vice President, Industry Education and Relations

Kerri Wise is VP, Industry Education and Relations at TrueCar. Her automotive career spans 20 years, establishing herself as an expert on today’s evolving automotive consumer and the best practices on reaching, connecting and selling to them. She often shares these insights and trends with thousands of dealers, as a regular speaker at major conferences such as NADA, Digital Dealer, Driving Sales and several other events nationwide and internationally.

Kerri joined TrueCar in 2015 and in her current role, she helps clients maximize their success by sharing relevant consumer insights and sales/marketing best practices at Industry conferences, webinars and through TrueCar’s online dealer learning center, TrueCar University.

Prior to TrueCar, Kerri spent 4 years at leading Dealer Training, Sales Training, and Analytics, and 12 years at J.D. Power and Associates in several roles including Sales, Consulting, and Marketing research.

Rockstar Session: Turning Skeptics into Believers: Validating the consumer at every step of the purchase process

Today’s car buyers are the ultimate skeptics. They’re skeptical about marketing claims, the information they find online, and the experience interacting with the dealership (among other things). Dealerships have a huge hill to climb, but also an opportunity to turn these skeptics into real believers. This session will dig into the mindset and perceptions that drive consumer skepticism, but also some real dealer tactics and strategies to overcome this and remove the barriers that slow down the path to purchase.

Rockstar Automotive Leadership Event in Austin -5 Days 9 Hours 52 Minutes 5 Seconds
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