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Sean Welsh

Sean Welsh

Sean Welsh is the CEO and co-founder of Car Biz Done Better, a vendor agnostic, dealer advocate whose sole purpose is to work with dealers to understand what is working in their digital marketing to avoid waste and overspending. For the last 20 years he has spent his waking life honing and refining digital skills. Sean speaks two languages: Sales and Digital. His introduction to the industry coincided with the rise of the Internet sale in the late 90’s, and since then Sean has worked through every level of the industry from Salesperson to Manager to Internet Director, Private Digital Consultant, Consultant for a major OEM and finally Owner and Operator of Car Biz Done Better. Sean is uniquely qualified to act as a digital resource, advocate and partner for his clients. The only goal is to provide clients with the confidence to make informed decisions about their digital marketing in this world of digital uncertainty and big data. And now he wants to work with you so you can do the same for your clients.

Rockstar Session – Customer Service First, Selling Second

It should go without saying, but it’s all about customer service first, and selling second. Period. While we can agree that the market and customer has changed, the reality is that when you boil it down to what truly matters, it was always customer service and it still it. This session is going to focus on the true nature of sales, namely, that you never sell a product, you can only sell a person. Some of the main objectives of this session is to overview the meet and greet, the test drive, what to do if they walk out, and what happens after they buy.

Rockstar Automotive Leadership Event in Las Vegas 152 Days 19 Hours 55 Minutes 21 Seconds