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Velko Tuhchiev

Velko Tuhchiev

Velko Tuhchiev is best selling author,nationally recognized sales teacher, a top producer in the automotive industry, leader motivator, father, and entrepreneur. Immersed in the sales industry, he has an intimate knowledge of the world of sales because he has sold and delivered nearly 3,000 automobiles, in his career as an automotive sales consultant, and has been able to achieve that success working only four days per week thanks to his repeat and referral clients.

Velko has been so successful with his methods, that he has been able to shift his business to being appointment-only, all while building, sustaining, and growing a clientele list that is 100% comprised of repeats and referrals.
If you ask some of his clients, they all know him as the #ProfessionalProblemSolver. He is results- oriented with a vigorous and consistent record of achievements. Keen insight into the needs and views of others- able to listen and identify issues or problem areas and form innovative solutions for individuals and business organizations.

Velko is known for his high self-confidence and outgoing personality. His superpowers are building strong relationships, cross-promotion and REFERRALS.

His incredible success at the dealership was the reason he was invited to speak at several national sales conferences and share some of his innovative techniques and practical strategies for loyalty, retention, prospecting, and branding. Many of the teachers in the sales training world encouraged him to get out there and help the industry that needed a new and more relevant way of delivering world class customer service while increasing profit and productivity.

His teaching method is “Educational Selling”; he firmly believes in offering tremendous value to his clients by describing and demonstrating logical solutions to their problems.

He is always providing relevant information because he is one of the very few consultants still working with dealerships and businesses all over the USA and still actively selling. He believes the best method to teach is to SHOW, not just tell. Working with hundreds of companies and thousands of sales people his goal is to help businesses to design easy to learn and follow, reliable and efficient processes that guarantee the customer’s remarkable experience.
Velko Tuhchiev, the Founder of Velko Academy, is focused on developing top producers in the Sales World. Interested in furthering his clients’ sales goals and passing on the knowledge and techniques that will design the way to becoming a master at sales and an actual top producer. Championing a “pay-it-forward attitude” that’s supported by unwavering gratitude, Velko will inspire any sales force onto incredible accomplishments. Velko’s mastery of sales fundamentals, people skills, and drive to help others will empower any team to grow, produce higher gross profit, and attain new personal and professional achievements.

His courses are designed to focus on building enormous value. They will empower one to recognize buying styles, all while executing a high closing rate.

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