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Dealership sales associates have tools at the ready to help them convert a sales appointment to a closed deal. Take advantage of the the resources you have to turn prospects into customers. Here are some tips to help improve those sales numbers by turning appointments into customers.

Put Every Detail Into the CRM

Entering information into the CRM as soon as you have confirmed the appointment is critical. You want to capture the customer’s contact information, preferred vehicle and features, number of family members, and any other information that will help you personalize the sales appointment. Do it as soon as possible, don’t rely on your memory for later.

Have More Than One Vehicle Ready for the Appointment

Many customers will tell you they know exactly which vehicle they want, but it’s not uncommon for their first choice to not meet their needs for whatever reason. If you are confident the make and model are right, have other vehicles available for their inspection with more or less of the features they told you were of interest.

Enter Appointment Reminders and Make a Courtesy Call

People can forget an appointment, or create a conflict of their time without realizing it. Make an appointment reminder in the CRM, then call the customer the day before their scheduled appointment as a courtesy call. They may need to change the time but that adjustment is better than a no-show.

Make the Appointment Special

If you know the customer is bringing a loved one to buy a car as a surprise, put a bow on the car. Have toys or crafts available for children who may come along. Place a welcome with the customer’s name on an appointment board at the front entrance. Take pictures of the customers with their new car. Make it a special event and you may gain a customer for life.

Listen to the Customer Conversation Before the Appointment

Before the scheduled appointment, listen to your initial sales call with that customer. It will help you refresh your memory about their needs or themselves you can use to make their visit more personal.

Review Your Sales Calls and Learn What Works

Many sales calls will not result in an appointment, but all are good learning opportunities. Review your calls each day and listen for cues that gained or lost you a potential customer. You may miss opportunities to turn the call into an appointment without realizing it. Take the time to review your conversations as a learning experience.

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