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Automotive dealers are producing more videos than ever before, and a professional video can capture the attention of customers and prospects alike. A key question is whether the video should be scripted or more ad-libbed. Here’s what Tim James of Flick Fusion Video Marketing thinks about it.

Flick Fusion Video Production

There are best practices that should be utilized for different types of videos. A script may help some people in front of a camera and hinder others, so let’s discuss how a script may not be the best choice when preparing videos.

Walk-around videos — When a customer enters a dealership, they expect their salesperson to discuss the features and benefits of a particular vehicle without having to read the window sticker. This should be the same assumption when preparing a walk-around video for your emails or website. Customers will get excited about a vehicle when they see that same excitement in the video presenter. So have sales do their homework ahead of time, really learn all there is to know about the car you are showcasing, then set the script aside and show their enthusiasm for the product and your dealership. If they can’t do that, perhaps they shouldn’t be selling cars for you!

Personal email videos — Another way to use videos is to respond to individual inquiries about a vehicle. It is critical that the salesperson engages on a personal level with the customer, and using a script is counterproductive to getting an emotional connection. Customers can tell if an email is personal or a standard template, and they can also see through a scripted email video and will look for that emotional connection at another dealership. Give your employees general talking points to use if you wish, but have them put aside the script and let their personality shine. Your customers will thank you for it.

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