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Today's Car Shoppers Are Looking for an "Experience": Here's What That Means for You

If you are in car sales today, you need to realize that the industry has changed. The old style of pushing people out of their comfort zones and into buying a vehicle off your lot is outdated at best. Today, shoppers are looking for something different. They want a full experience. They want to feel good at the end of their buying experience. So don’t miss out on sales you could have — use the strategies below to boost your bottom line and close more deals:

Ask More Questions, Talk Less

If you don’t know what your buyer wants, you can’t give it to them. One of the most important parts of car sales are asking the right questions to find out what vehicle is going to be your feature presentation. That way, you’re already fighting a downhill battle. Asking personal questions about the customer can also help them feel valued as a person rather than a walking wallet.

Always Agree

Don’t tell the customer that they’re wrong — or at least, say it in a more roundabout manner. The motto of “always agree” doesn’t mean that you actually agree with them. It means that you understand where they are coming from. For instance, “It’s just too expensive” is an idea that a car buyer could have that you don’t really agree with. Try saying, “I completely understand,” and using their input to work for a compromise that benefits both parties. This is much better than arguing with them, which sets a very negative tone for the interaction and is unlikely to win you a sale.

Get Them Involved Physically and Mentally

If they can’t imagine themselves driving and owning the vehicle, they will never buy. Smart car salespeople will always create mental and physical ownership by offering a test drive on models that the buyer seems interested in. This way, they can feel like purchasing the car was their idea. It’s all part of creating the perfect experience and letting them sell themselves instead of the other way around. If they start to hesitate when you close, share some testimonials with them to take them over the line.

Strive for Strategic Alignment

The entire experience of a customer starts with your team. In order for a corporate strategy to do its job, an organization must maintain strategic alignment through every level of the business (CMOE Strategic Alignment). From the front desk, to the mechanics, to the finance team, they all have something to do with your car buyers’ experience. Make sure everyone is on the same page so you can provide a consistent and positive experience. Setting weekly or monthly goals for your team can boost this sense of unity.

When it comes to modern car buying, shoppers are looking for an experience. They don’t want pushy salesman who attempt to run them over with sales pitches. The car salesman today must be savvy and understand what the customer wants. Keep their needs in mind through every step of the sale so your numbers and their happiness continue to soar.

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