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Business travel is travel undertaken for work or business purposes (as opposed to leisure), and it requires different planning measures than for a typical vacation. An individual may need to engage in business travel for the purpose of visiting clients, meetings at a second location, completing shorter projects off-site, or working on training and targeted tasks. Business travelers have specific needs that are different from family vacation and leisure travel.

Selecting a place to stay

The business traveler has a unique need for access to items such as business centers, gyms, and other amenities in a hotel. The use of major chains may be effective and efficient because of the use of reward points. However, staying in these locations (while easy) may be expensive and may also result in unhealthy habits. Without kitchens and sufficient space, business travelers may find themselves eating out too frequently (resulting in poor diet and weight gain). An alternative, that is fiscally responsible and can result in healthier habits is the consideration of a pre-furnished short-term apartment rental.

What are pre-furnished short-term rentals?

Pre-furnished short-term apartment rentals include amenities such as kitchens, laundry rooms, potential apartment gyms, and all the items you need feel at home (e.g., bedding, sheets, TV and cable, internet, and more). To locate the pre-furnished short-term apartment rental that is right for you, includes easy-to-use search features. is a similar search engine, designed specifically for the business traveler.

Short-term apartment rentals are typically for periods of several weeks to several months (less than a year). If a stay is approximately one month, this type of housing situations can be between 25% to 50% cheaper than other traditional options. To book such a stay may require a credit check, a damage or holding deposit, and departure cleaning fees. Many short-term apartment rentals are advertised on-line and include photographs and descriptions to avoid being misleading.

The business traveler is a discerning traveler, looking for high quality and low cost accommodations on a trip that meets his or her personal business needs effectively. Consider pre-furnished short-term apartments as a method to meet this need. Start planning for your next trip early ahead of time, and you will overcome any obstacles faced with lodging.


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