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Regardless of how far technology has advanced, nothing can replace the face-to-face interactions that come with business conferences. For the most stress-free experience, you need to know the right ways to pack and ship your expensive equipment. Review these five tips for making sure that your items remain intact for the duration of the trip.

Do Not Rush

Whenever you travel, plan ahead and avoid procrastination. If you rush through any task, you complete it only halfway. Make sure you buy the right packing materials and research good packing tips weeks ahead of time. Take this time to research the shipping companies if you are using one. You should also make sure that your things are packed long before it is time to ship them out, so you have enough time to do it properly.


Most shipments that are sent through the mail are packed with wrapping. A wrap is a protective shield that prevents your equipment from being damaged. Protect the electronics that are more likely to be damaged than documents and more expensive to replace. This wrap goes under the other protective packaging. This can also prevent scratches on monitors or screens.

Keep it Together

Invest in a tradeshow protective case to get everything there and in one piece. The more boxes you have to use, the more likely it is that one of them will be lost, so using one case that can provide all the protection you need is a great solution. You can find tradeshow cases in all shapes and sizes to fit your perfect specifications, so don’t worry about getting something that you won’t need.

Pack Right

There are effective and ineffective ways to pack your belongings for travel. If you pack too little in a box, you’ll have things moving and rattling around uncontrollably. Fragile items break easily or disintegrate completely after a few days of travel. It’s recommended that you review guides on how to pack items using wraps, boxes, and tape. You can also use foam inserts to fill in space.


Insure the items that you ship from one location to another. If you are shipping through a company, make sure that they have insurance for belongings that are lost, stolen or damaged. Review the coverage options carefully so that you have an idea of what the damages could cost. You need a way to repair or replace a piece of equipment immediately if it’s damaged upon arrival.

All professionals are expected to look and function at their best during a conference. Even if you already have the right equipment, it’s no good use if things become damaged during the trip. Learn a few tips to pack your belongings safely and make the best use of your conference.

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