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AI for Your Business

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The Powerful AI System for Local Business, Automotive, and Powersports Dealers

Have you ever asked: How AI can help my business?

Implementing AI into your business can provide several benefits. AI technologies can help you set more appointments, automate repetitive tasks, improve operational efficiency, enhance customer experience with personalized recommendations, and enable data-driven decision making. By leveraging AI, you can gain a competitive edge, increase productivity, and unlock new growth opportunities in your business.

Connect Suite with AI for Dealerships
Connect Suite AI conversation example

Conversational AI

Robots that talk like humans

Finally, technology that makes your life easier. Your own personalized AI Concierge will answer questions, book appointments, and even bring you into the conversation when a human touch is needed.

Your AI-powered virtual team member is available round the clock, providing instant responses to customer questions. This availability ensures that potential customers get the information they need at any time, which can lead to increased sales opportunities.

Empowered Appointments

Book. Meet. Close

Our booking calendar empowers you to manage appointments with ease. Say goodbye to cumbersome paper schedules and manual booking processes. With our intuitive and user-friendly interface, you can easily view and manage your appointments, set availability, and make necessary adjustments on the go. Stay organized and in control of your schedule.

How can AI help you set more appointments?

AI can help you book more appointments online by automating various aspects of the booking process. Our conversational AI-powered concierge can handle customer questions, provide real-time availability information, and schedule appointments seamlessly. Additionally, our system generates reminders, increasing customer engagement and conversions for online bookings.

Connect Suite booking calendar image
Connect Suite handles all conversations in one thread, even with AI

Engage With Customers

Using Text, Email and DMs.

Keep track of every conversation with your customer no matter how they choose to communicate. Everything in one easy to use inbox, as it should be.

Our AI Team Members are trained to understand and respond to common customer inquiries. They can provide accurate and consistent answers to frequently asked questions, eliminating the need for customers to wait for human assistance. The best part is that they can answer questions whether they come from your website, Facebook™, Google Business™, Instagram ™, or Text Messages. This speed and accuracy can enhance the overall customer experience and boost sales

Social Media Made Easy

Ads. DMs. Posts.

Manage social media posts and ads without paying big bucks to a third party. Finally professional tools for everyone.

AI can help you create high-quality, targeted social media posts, and Ads, that resonate with your audience to get better engagement, and ultimately better results. If you're going to be on social media, shouldn't you get the best results possible?

Connect Suite helps you manage your social media ads ad posts
Connect Suite for business invoicing, proposals and tap to pay

Easy Payment Processing

Invoice. Text. Tap.

Getting paid is easy with Connect Suite. Whether you're setting up monthly subscriptions or sending out individual invoices, we make it easy to get paid.

Smarter Call Routing

IVR for your business

Experience the power of our cutting-edge IVR (Interactive Voice Response) System - your key to streamline customer interactions! Say goodbye to call pile-ups. Our system, featuring 24/7 support and swift routing, reduces hold times effectively providing a personalized approach to meet your caller's needs. With improved satisfaction and operational efficiency at your fingertips, unlock the future of call handling with us today!

How can our IVR system help your business?

An IVR system allows you to automate the initial parts of the conversation and route callers to the proper department. This means your team isn't wasting time transferring calls that should have never rang their line in the first place.

Connect Suite IVR system for small business and dealerships

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