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One of the most important ways to lead your team in your business or company is to recognize the type of people who have the potential to be leaders. Knowing which employee is capable of leadership can increase your sales and allow you to attract more customers. Here is what you need to identify in your current employees to ensure that they’re placed in the right role and position.


According to Kununu, “Integrity matters in three ways: leaders with great integrity foster critical trust amongst colleagues and direct deports, and demonstrate a commitment to moral and ethical behaviors. Leaders who do NOT value integrity will not gain the trust and buy-in of their teams and colleagues, which will negatively impact engagement and performance. And leading with integrity doesn’t mean never making mistakes, but recognizing and owning them, which leads to continual self-development, and demonstrates humility to others.” The level of integrity of your employee will determine how much they can be trusted to manage different responsibilities and maintain solid relationships with your customers. Few professionals maintain their integrity as they continue to succeed, which can make for a poor leader. They should be honest, fair, and responsible to ensure that they can be an example to other people. They should stick to their values and have a core set of beliefs that they live by to ensure that they can perform well. Their integrity will also inspire other people and can allow them to set the bar high.

Critical Thinking

Solving problems is a crucial part of any professional role and determines how much the leader helps the business succeed. Critical thinking skills are important for a leader to ensure that they can fix issues that occur and find resolutions quickly. They should have a good handle on analysis and problem solving, along with excellent judgment and decision-making. They should be able to think quickly and on their toes without relying on other people to solve the problem. A bit of creativity will be required to find the right solution quickly and maintain the operations of the company. According to The Hire Talent, “those who exhibit this skill have increased potential for growth within an organization.”


It’s important to remember that the employee who you put in a leadership role will represent your company and can become one of the main faces of the establishment. You’ll need to look for someone who is professional and acts respectfully for each person that they come in contact with, whether they’re interacting with their colleagues or customers. According to QuickBase, “It’s easy for business leaders to find employees who can get the job done but harder to find those who are good communicators, can get along well with others and have a positive attitude.” Soft skills are powerful tools that you should look for when promoting. Patience is also necessary as they should remain composed in stressful situations and take responsibility for mistakes that are made to earn the trust of other individuals.

Knowing what to look for in your next leader is necessary to ensure that the right employee can fill the role. With the proper qualities, they can succeed and contribute to the productivity and success of your company.

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