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Wine country is breathtakingly beautiful. It can also be a long ride, especially if you’re going to some of those hidden, lesser-known wineries. If you’re coming to the area for a visit, renting a car is your best bet; you’ll be able to find all those places off the beaten path. Of course, it’s essential to have a vehicle for touring the area, but the kind of car you have will make the experience shine. Here are a few different types of car suggested for getting the most out of touring wine country.

1. Convertible

This tried-and-true vehicle offers some of the best views out there. Plus, if you’re in California, a convertible is almost a must! The cool factor will add spice to your tour of wine country and allow you to experience the incredible weather along with the gorgeous sights along the way. Honestly, the right car will also make you feel like you’re on vacation.

2. Conversion Van

These types of vans are great for touring, since that’s pretty much what they were intended for. If you’re bringing a larger group along with you, a conversion van is a wonderful option. Traveling in style and comfort with some of the best views available in any vehicle, touring California wine country in a conversion van also hearkens back to the Californian heyday of the 1960s, when everyone was more carefree and traveled in their VW buses to various events around the state.

3. Hybrid

If California is all about anything, it’s the environment. That history of surfers and hippies is irrevocably entwined with a love of the natural beauty that produced California wine country in the first place. Therefore, a hybrid car like a Prius is one of the best picks for touring. Silent while driving, these cars barely eat any gas and are some of the best in the world for low-cost traveling. They can also be used as a small bed if you fold down the backseat, meaning that you can enjoy the great outdoors and several wineries at minimal cost. Using a silent hybrid may be helpful in the ultimate California vacation.

There is a wide range of vehicles available to rent so you can experience the joys of wine country. Any mid-range car will do if you just want to get from one winery to the next. If you’re going to do it in style, with a California flair, the cars mentioned are some of the best choices to make your trip worthwhile.




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