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El Patronn

 El Patronn – Managing Partner & CEO

Rudy T. AKA EL Patronn, is an automotive industry executive with over 15 years of retail experience. He is the Managing Partner / General Manager of the #1 Mitsubishi Dealership in the Northeast, in Brooklyn Mitsubishi. He has sold over 36,000 vehicles, ran 6 successful dealerships and has built a social media empire with close to 1 million followers worldwide.

He is also the CEO of the Next Sale App, which is part of his success and how he changes culture in a dealership. He trains, consults, and speaks on how to build a personal brand and his passion is to improve the way automobiles are sold. In his career, he has been able to successfully turn around car dealerships by improving profitability, growing sales volume, and changing the dealership’s reputation with the help of revolutionary positive review building software. El Patronn also hosts his own automotive conference, in the #Gamechanger conference.

Rockstar Session: Changing Culture with Personal Branding

Changing culture is what it is all about. I experienced a 248% increase in sales where I went from selling less than two hundred cars to almost four hundred a month. What a blessing to have quality of life and have a business working while I can spend time with my family. I want the same for you. Whether you’re a sales person, manager or owner, this session will change the way you think about what you do and why social media and being the show will allow you to write your own story of massive success.

Here is some of what you will learn:

I will share with you what I did to:

  • Build the El Patronn brand and show along the way
  • How we built a huge following on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.
  • Professional sales strategies that get results
  • Which apps will drive sales and why
  • Why you need to be you to connect to your audience and create repeat customers
  • Negotiate like a pro and win relationships
  • Maximize profits across departments
  • Taking F&I, BDC, and Fixed Ops into the digital age
Rockstar Automotive Leadership Event in Las Vegas 152 Days 17 Hours 23 Minutes 10 Seconds