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Jason Harris

Digital Dealership Solutions

Speaker Bio

Jason Harris has over 16 years of experience in sales, online marketing, and operations. His strong passion for the automotive industry was developed during his time on the front line, holding positions such as Marketing Manager, Business Development Manager, General Manager, Operations Manager, and Dealer Principal. He understands what keeps you up at night and is focused on creating proactive marketing strategies and operational processes that directly affect sales and service. Jason’s experience leads him across the country imparting knowledge and teaching dealers to expand their horizons and take their digital strategy and marketing goals to the next level..



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Session Information

Moneyball Your Team

As industry we have to stop trying to create a superstar culture and instead create a data driven team culture. Join Jason Harris of Digital Dealership Solutions, as he deep dives into the importance and how to’s of creating a team culture. This means trained, coached and developed with supporting data. There will be no “I THINK” or “I FEEL” in this presentation.

Knock it out of the park and watch your team and gross profit skyrocket. Jason will share how to follow the data driven training/coaching and the strategy behind it.

Key Takeaways of This Session:

  1. Data Driven Recruitment
  2. Data Driven Training
  3. Data Driven Coaching
  4. Data Driven Process Development

Company Info

Digital Dealership Solutions is an exclusive automotive marketing agency. We develop customized marketing strategies based on dealership objectives. Unlike other vendors providing cookie cutter services—we’re partners, working together to achieve your unique goals and improve dealership operations. As a small, boutique agency, we are perfectly sized for our client’s needs. We are dedicated to automotive marketing with 15 years of experience. We started out working in dealerships, and now we work for dealerships..

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November 4-5, 2019

Rockstar Automotive Leadership Event in Las Vegas 152 Days 1 Hours 37 Minutes 34 Seconds