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Sean Weaver & Marni Mclennan

Marni McClennan

For more than 25 years Marni McClennan has brought insight, innovative ideas and actionable programs to the Automotive Industry. If you’ve met her in person or even just over the phone you cannot help but be drawn in by her energy and enthusiasm for problem solving, and making it enjoyable while doing it.

What makes Marni’s knowledge so well rounded is she has professionally lived on both sides of the aisle, working directly within a dealership as well as promoting products and programs as a vendor partner. From a personal perspective, being married to a generational car guy provides her those additional layers of insight and appreciation.
Her tenure and involvement in the automotive realm gives her many unique advantages as she helps dealers navigate new programs and technologies, while staying true to the fundamentals for success. Her style and approach comes first from building a relationship, listening to truly understand a dealership’s needs and then working closely with them to develop solutions and see them through. Marni’s passion for her customers and the details shines through with every project. Her network is vast and deep and she is never shy about tapping into that to benefit a partner. At CarFilm, Marni brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and if we’re being upfront…a whole lot of fun!

Sean Weaver

Grandson of Duck Tape Founder Jack Kahl, there was never a doubt Sean would inherit the entrepreneurial gene and spirit that runs through his family. Throughout his ongoing involvement with the family business in Cleveland, he eagerly absorbed all that he could with the intention of applying that knowledge towards his own business ventures someday. And that day could not come soon enough for him.

Knowing Sean it comes as no surprise he did not feel challenged enough in high school. So, he elected to obtain his diploma via an accelerated path in order to launch not one but two internet startups! Later, he would go on to join the corporate team at Bernie Moreno Companies, serving as the Director of Business Development and working directly on new business ventures to increase the company’s growth and bottom line.
In his spare time, he also went ahead and got his private pilot’s license and has since enjoyed flying as a hobby and outlet. It also affords him the ability to pursue his passion of exploring new places, preferably with friends and family. Thus it’s very appropriate to say “With Sean, the sky is the limit!”

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