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Anyone in sales knows there are some tried-and-true techniques to pull out and rely on when meeting new clients. However, just because a certain practice has been in use for a long time doesn’t mean it’s effective. In fact, here are three sales tactics that can actually deter clients and cause you to lose business. Avoid employing these generic, outdated approaches to sales, and make sure everyone on your team is on the same page.

Pushy Selling

A direct approach to sales is not pushy, and today’s educated consumers aren’t afraid to turn away from someone who is clearly trying to force a decision on them. The ultimate decision is the customer’s to make, and no salesperson should try to make the choice for them. According to Dot Activ, you should be assertive, know your product or service and present the pros and cons to the customer. Have an open conversation that helps them explore the underlying value of what you’re trying to sell, which will ultimately make them feel more comfortable and in control. Pushing people to buy something even when they’re hesitant doesn’t show empathy or make them feel valued. If a client seems to be on the fence, use that as an opportunity to ask how they’re feeling and respond to their thoughts.

Selling Out-of-Stock Products

If people are persuaded into making a purchase and then informed that they have to wait until inventory is replenished, they feel betrayed. According to King Bros, some companies use this tactic as a quick way to make money, but all it really does is leave the company and the shippers looking bad and the customers feeling frustrated. The irritated customers feel as if they’ve been given the classic bait and switch, which ultimately ruins a company’s reputation. Only offer products that are readily available. If you struggle to keep things in stock, address this with your manufacturer and shipper. While the issue is being sorted, this is an excellent time to turn your attention to other products and diversify your offerings.


As Userlike says, people see through the exaggerated manner many salespeople adopt, but unfortunately, some have begun to oversell in a more subtle manner that borders on deceit. To prevent this, make sure that you provide a full-picture sales pitch. Take customer feedback into consideration and utilize it to address common concerns and issues people have encountered in the past. When you focus on the value of a product for a particular client, it becomes much easier to make sales that ultimately lead to trust and return purchases. People who feel as though they’ve been oversold will only associate your company with disappointment and greed.

Remember, at the end of the day, sales is the business of people, not products. Ensure that commissions and profits are not placed ahead of customer satisfaction. When you focus on the latter, the former will come naturally.

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