Rockstar Auto Conference Hotel and Travel Information

Dates: May 13-14, 2019

Location: the D Hotel and Casino Located at 301 Fremont St, Las Vegas, NV 89101

Book your room at the D by clicking the button below and using the following information:

Call to make  Room Reservations at 1-800-274-5825


Airport:  McCarran International Airport [Airport Code: LAS ]

Important Travel Dates to Consider:

The Rockstar Auto Conference begins Monday morning May 13th so you will want to fly in on Sunday evening at the very latest. The event will run until 5PM on Tuesday. Plan your return flight NO EARLIER THAN 8PM on May 14th.

If you’d like the opportunity to have breakfast and connect with remaining speakers and sponsor partners Wednesday morning, which will be a great opportunity to further your new relationships and connect with Rockstar Speakers,  it would be ideal to fly out Wednesday, May 15th after 12PM.

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Rockstar UnConference

May 13-14, 2019 | Las Vegas, NV

Day OneDay Two

Day One — May 13, 2019

9:15 am
Christian Jorn

Online Techniques to Attract Millennials and Redistribute Your Local Market

Quick Implementation Processes for Impactful and Practical Digital Solutions

In a fun and interactive learning session, we’ll be talking about both the modern paid and organic search landscapes. We’ll dive into real analytics data, so you know what to expect, and we’ll break through stuck ideas about digital to get you right on the path to success online. It is science, works every time.

10 am
10:05 am
Timmy James
10:15 am
Kendrick Shope

How to Overcome Objections & Close More Sales

When you know what to say and how to handle these objections, you’re able to close more sales.

This digital product provides seven different strategies for handling that moment in the sales process when everything gets uncomfortable.

You’ll not only be able to close the sale with ease but you’ll be eager to get on the phone with potential clients knowing you’re ready for whatever they say.

How To Overcome Objections will change the way you sell and create results, revenue and raving fans for your business.

11:15 am
Michelle Denogean

Digital retailing is a buzzword in the industry today and it means different things to different people. In this interactive workshop we will break down the different flavors of digital retailing and share best practices and the pitfalls to avoid as you prepare your dealership for the digitized transaction.

11:55 am
Rockstar Speed Dating
12:10 pm
1 pm
Kerri Wise

Turning Skeptics into Believers: Validating the consumer at every step of the purchase process

Today’s car buyers are the ultimate skeptics. They’re skeptical about marketing claims, the information they find online, and the experience interacting with the dealership (among other things). Dealerships have a huge hill to climb, but also an opportunity to turn these skeptics into real believers. This session will dig into the mindset and perceptions that drive consumer skepticism, but also some real dealer tactics and strategies to overcome this and remove the barriers that slow down the path to purchase.

1:50 pm
Katie Mares

It’s a choice to repeat or evolve

Katie will discuss the impact a well-designed brand experience has on the people experiences your dealership provides for the employees, the consumer with focus on the decision maker; the woman. Katie will reveal 5 easy steps to providing a 5-star experience and she will challenge the group to make a choice to repeat the way things have always been done or to evolve and get ahead of the game. Katie’s session will leave you thinking about a future filled with experiences for your people, your customers, and success in your dealership.

2:40 pm
2:50 pm
Lisa Copeland

Authentic Leadership:
Leading Through Change, Challenge and Chaos

Lisa Copeland teaches sales organizations about Purpose + People = Profits. Her proven formula for success outlines how high-performance organizations deliver extraordinary sales results by creating a “Sold-Out” culture where people believe that what they do matters. Increased employee engagement, retention and ROI are the proof. During her keynote, Lisa explores what she believes is the “secret sauce” that businesses are looking for today. What will be discussed are her success six components.

3:40 pm
3:50 pm
Coach Winn – Closing Keynote

Unleashing the Winning Leader Within You

Your ability to lead is intimately connected to who you are. You cannot give what you don’t have. If you want better communication, you must become a better communicator. If you want your team members to value and respect you, then you learn the formula to value and respect others.

Coach Winn shares with you the mental push-up techniques she developed to train team leaders for her national championship and elite eight team.

4:45 pm
Closing Announcements

Day Two — May 14, 2019

Breakfast + Announcements
9:30 am
Sean Kelley


Having a culture is not a choice, but a reality. Whether you want it or not, your store has one. It’s often challenging to define your culture, due to perspective when you’re inside the company. Your culture is shaped by the values and beliefs a group of people share. These values are impacted by your teams’ results and behaviors. These stem directly from the activity’s leaders hold their team accountable for. These are leaderships expectations! When expectations aren’t aligned with what it takes for employees to succeed, people fail. The challenge becomes a failure is often a missed expectation! Poor communication around these guarantees this failure. This challenge causes employees to be written off across the automotive industry! Sean Kelley #TheCarBizCoach speaks at automotive trade shows across the country and wants to share with you, what does it take to create a #winningculture. In his thought-provoking and inspirational presentation, you will learn what it takes to create a #WinningCulture at your dealership or company. Align your people around a cultural vision, open up communication, build the value in each other, and learn to clarify expectations before during and after you hire someone!

10:20 am
Sean Welsh

Customer Service First, Selling Second

It should go without saying, but it’s all about customer service first, and selling second. Period. While we can agree that the market and customer has changed, the reality is that when you boil it down to what truly matters, it was always customer service and it still it. This session is going to focus on the true nature of sales, namely, that you never sell a product, you can only sell a person. Some of the main objectives of this session is to overview the meet and greet, the test drive, what to do if they walk out, and what happens after they buy.

11:10 am
11:20 am
Anthony Santangelo

Go “ALL IN” to Win!

To change your culture, you must first change your mindset. Every Dealership wants employee retention but do we show the same commitment level toward our employees as we do our customers? At the Rockstar Unconference on May 13th and 14th in Las Vegas Nevada, I will be sharing with you the keys to retaining your employees in 2019. My keys are uniquely catered to your employees personalities which if followed, will maximize their potential. I can’t wait to see you at this must attend event, where we will be going ALL IN to help you take your dealership to the next level!

12:10 pm
1 pm – 4 pm
Round Tables
4 pm
Closing Remarks