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This Has Never Been Done Before

Serving automotive dealers is an amazing opportunity but let’s face it, most companies don’t have the ability to give you the training you need to learn how to speak the dealer’s language. Why not? Because most of the trainers on the vendor side have never worked in a dealership. Today that all changes. This is a workshop by dealers who became vendors, and they’re going to give you the insight and skills you need to take your company to new heights.

Why Is This Different?

This isn’t two people talking at you all day. This one (1) day intensive, role-playing, workshop is meant to ensure you walk out better than when you walked in. You will never find better training than what you experience in this powerful one-day workshop. All training with zero fluff.

Why You Want To Be Here

This life changing workshop is brought to you by two names that have been creating the best type of disruption in the automotive industry: Rockstar Auto Conference and Car Biz Done Better.

In This High Energy Workshop You’ll Learn How To…

  • Have certainty regarding your intended outcome when meeting with clients
  • Discover the wants and needs of every client
  • Find the decision maker at each dealership
  • Get past the gate keeper in a positive way
  • How to get solid appointments
  • How to deliver a rock solid elevator pitch to get their attention
  • How to leave voicemails that actually get a call back
  • Three Questions that professionals in sales use to guide the sale
  • The 4 elements in every message that results in a sale
  • How to separate concerns from objections
  • A 4-step method that works for overcoming just about every objection
  • How to build out your PowerPoint/Presentations/Web Delivery to get buy in
  • How to prospect without wasting time
  • Post-Sale Follow Up
  • How to transition from sales to your account management team
  • And much much more!

    Your Workshop Instructors

    Mat Koenig

    With 24 years of Automotive Industry Experience Mat has helped some of the largest companies in the world increase their success. Working on the dealership side for his first 12 years, Mat Koenig has been in sales, F&I, New and Used Car Management and exited the retail side of the industry as the Sales Training Director for one of the largest automotive groups in the midwest. In the retail world Mat grew his store over 67% in gross profit and 42% in unit sales. Making the transition to the vendor side3, Mat served as a Field Sales Manager with helping them turn a decade long market failure into the #1 growth market in the country. He later assumed the role of Sales Training Manager where he created the sales and presentation processes that helped make a $1.8 Billion Dollar Company. From there Mat was recruited to launch direct to dealer program where he was responsible for bringing on hundreds of franchises in less than 12 months. Mat will be sharing the secrets he has used to attract clients and remove barriers.

    Sean Welsh

    Sean Welsh is the CEO and co-founder of Car Biz Done Better, a vendor agnostic, dealer advocate whose sole purpose is to work with dealers to understand what is and is not working in their digital marketing to avoid waste and overspending.  For the last 20 years he has spent his waking life honing and refining digital skills. Sean speaks two languages: Sales and Digital. His introduction to the industry coincided with the rise of the Internet sale in the late 90’s, and since then Sean has worked through every level of the industry from Salesperson to Manager to Internet Director, Private Digital Consultant, Consultant for a major OEM and finally CEO of Car Biz Done Better.  Sean is uniquely qualified to act as a digital resource, advocate and partner for his clients. The goal is to provide clients with the confidence to make informed decisions about their digital marketing in this world of digital uncertainty and big data, and now he wants to work with you so you can do the same for your clients.

    Workshop Agenda

    NOTE: This agenda includes intensive role playing throughout.

    • 9-9:45 Registration & Breakfast
    • 10 Welcome Mastermind
    • 10:30 Pre-work & Prospecting Like a Rockstar
    • 11-12 Getting the call back, Elevator Pitches Done Better, Rockstar Voicemails that get response
    • 12 Lunch
    • 1-1:15 Needs Analysis Done Better
    • 1:15-3 Delivering Rockstar Presentations In Person & Online, Presenting the Offer to Get the Yes
    • 3 Client retention strategies done better
    • 4 Q&A Re-Hashing Ideas as a Group
    • 4:30 Closing and Workshop Recap

    Event Location

    Holiday Inn Nashville-Vanderbilt (Downtown)

    Nashville, Tennessee

    Rockstar Automotive Leadership Event in Las Vegas 127 Days 2 Hours 6 Minutes 13 Seconds